Azzie’s Treats

"Love them they are delicious"

– Bebe

"so so so so good!"

– Lauren

"LOVE Azzie’s products! Will definitely recommend"

– Jacki

"So yummy and gone way too quick! Perfect size treats for toddlers! The Mylar bags are way too cute! Fortunately all packaging was childproof.. a plus. I will definitely be ordering more(:"

– Taylor

"amazing thank you! skittles were my favorite"

– Anthony


Our Promise

In love with freeze drying. We personally freeze dry and package everything by hand! All of our packages are child proof, so you can be assured they won’t go missing! 

Freeze Dried Treats


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About Me

Everything Homemade by Me!

About Me

Everything Homemade by Me!

Hello, friends! My name is Sienna Williams. I am 23 years old and a stay-at-home mom to my amazing daughter, Azalena. I am also the proud owner of my very own freeze-dried business, Azzie’s Treats! Alongside me is my fiancé, Zahey, and my daughter Azalena, who, of course, is the face of our logo! She is the reason we are so inspired to continue doing what we do every day. This business is very special to me, which is why it is crucial to ensure that our quality, packaging, and customer service meet high standards! Every single item is freeze-dried and packaged with love from our home in Pennsylvania to yours.

We started Azzie’s Treats because of our young daughter Azalena (Azzie for short). Anyone who knows Azzie knows that she is obsessed with her fruits and veggies! (We got lucky.) She specifically found a love for freeze-dried fruits around a year and a half, which made me think to myself, “How could I make these at home so that she could enjoy all her favorite fruits freeze-dried and still retain most of their nutrients?” I knew we had to do something about it. After a lot of research, we made the decision to purchase our very own freeze dryer! And we will never regret it!!! Now she is able to enjoy all of her favorite freeze-dried fruits, veggies, and more!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big advocate for living a safer, healthier lifestyle. After sharing Azzie’s Treats online in the beginning, I had many friends and family recommend for me to try freeze-drying candy. I caved in! Ever since then, it has been a huge hit for so many people, and I love being able to share these treats with everyone!


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